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 Community: Finding the Best Mario Kart | Round 2

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Which Mario Kart do you prefer?
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
 22% [ 11 ]
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
 78% [ 40 ]
Total Votes : 51

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PostCommunity: Finding the Best Mario Kart | Round 2

Super Circuit vs Double Dash

Last week we began what will be the longest running series on 8 Bit Forward; a Community driven quest to define which Mario Kart game is the 'Best'. This is being completed bracket style, with the top games having to earn your votes to advance. The previous poll was a battle between the original Super Mario Kart, of Super Nintendo fame, versus Mario Kart 64. It turns out that your winner was polygons, and Mario Kart 64 advances on to the semifinals!

With a new week comes a new set of challengers, and the first of which is none other than the first portable entry in the series, Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

Super Circuit brought the series to Nintendo's handheld lineup for the first time- though overall the game didn't make much of an advancement over the previous two entries. While including a whopping 20 courses and the ability to unlock all of the original Super Mario Kart's tracks, Super Circuit was a step down in graphics. Though this is to be expected, especially on the Game Boy Advance, Super Circuit managed to squeeze in the same 8 racers as in Mario Kart 64, added coins back into the mix and even managed to sell over 5 million copies.

Within the next few years, Mario and gang had a triumphant return to Nintendo's home console line, and this GameCube edition came with a twist. Gone were the days of single handedly competing for first, that responsibility now fell onto you as well as a friend. The first, and only, Mario Kart to feature two characters in one kart, Double Dash was a new way to race. Across all 20 tracks players had to cooperate in order to successfuly steer and use items to the best advantage. In fact, far from the few players of games past, 16 people could race together at once in this edition. Throw in some character unique items and the option to play alone as always in single player, and Nintendo had another winner on their hands...

But will it be enough to win in your vote? Cast your vote for whichever Mario Kart game you prefer, whether it be the handheld Super Circuit or the two player madness that is Double Dash. Let us know in the comments which you picked and why it's better!
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Community: Finding the Best Mario Kart | Round 2 :: Comments

As nostalgic as MK: SC was, it wasn't enough to compare to MK: DD. Double Dash felt so good, it added far more characters than the past MKs could, more memorable tracks, as well as some great music and the best Rainbow Road. So yeah, it gets my vote. <3
Both are two of my favourites, but Double Dash is the best~ It was also my first Mario Kart game, so much nostalgia~ :3
I haven't played Double Dash, but I'm fairly sure every other Mario Kart is better than Super Circuit, so, Double Dash.

Community: Finding the Best Mario Kart | Round 2

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