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 Review: My Style Studio: Hair Salon (3DS eShop)

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PostReview: My Style Studio: Hair Salon (3DS eShop)

A Cut Below the Rest

There aren't very many haircut simulators available for purchase due to the fact that it never quite mirrors the feel of cutting actual hair. Swiping a stylus across the screen isn't even close to that of holding a pair of scissors or comb, yet this hasn't stopped developer Cypronia from trying to bring the joy of the barbershop to the 3DS eShop.

When My Style Studio: Hair Salon loads up, you're presented with five different faces glaring at you with no indication of what to do. As we found out, these are actually your five clients at your barbershop. Except these aren't normal customers- they couldn't seem to care less what you do with their hair.

You could use each of the dozen or so available tools to shave their head, grow the hair back, color it rainbow, wash the hair down, blow dry it back, and then shape it exactly how it was when you started. And they won't care. They don't even react, making this game almost entirely pointless.

With no sense of progression, or way to progress, My Style Studio: Hair Salon essentially gives you five mannequin heads to do with as you please. In far less than an hour, you'll have seen and tried everything the game has to offer countless times.

If you're an aspiring hairdresser, you'd think a hair cutting simulator would be the perfect game to play. However, My Style Studio: Hair Salon will likely scare away more stylists than it will appeal to, with its simple presentation and looping song. Cypronia added so little to the experience that styling hair feels more pointless and boring than ever before. Unless you have a huge imagination, enjoy styling hair and have nobody to practice on in real life, stay away from My Style Studio: Hair Salon.


Game copy provided by: Cypronia
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Review: My Style Studio: Hair Salon (3DS eShop) :: Comments

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Review: My Style Studio: Hair Salon (3DS eShop)

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