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 Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7

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Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7 Empty
PostIndie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7

Goodbye Galaxy Games

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7 BbvoNA9

Our Indie Spotlight has highlighted developers who have released highly praised games, but typically only have one on the eShop. Having released several games on both the DSi Shop and 3DS eShop, Goodbye Galaxy Games is a fitting addition to round out our giveaway. With a total of six games, four on DSiWare, two on the 3DS eShop, this team is no stranger to Nintendo handheld platforms.

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7 Mg3V1uZ

Hugo Smits formed Goodbye Galaxy Games back in 2009, making his first DSiWare game, Flipper on a makeshift devkit being ran on his little sister's Hello Kitty pink DS Lite. This limitation was lifted in the last two months of the game's development cycle when Nintendo finally approved Smits.  Since then, Goodbye Galaxy Games has received three awards for their hard work.

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7 899ld8k

Ace Mathematician was a title that probably flew over most DSi/3DS owners heads. This DSiWare gem earned two, two Game of the Year awards, one from Nintendo Life. Before that, Flipper, Goodbye Galaxy Games first release, earned the 2010 Dutch Game Award. Recently, the team has released Tappingo, and Tappingo 2, both on the 3DS eShop, both of which were praised upon release. We joined in, giving Tappingo 2 an 8.5/10 in our review, which can be read here.

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7 YH8yiM5

Goodbye Galaxy Games has two games in the pipeline, one for Nintendo 3DS, the other for Wii U. The 3DS game, titled Gomba, and a Wii U FPS which has yet to be named. The former isn't a game, it is actually a development tool, similar to the DSiWare release and upcoming 3DS release Petit Computer. The latter hasn't had much revealed about it yet, but does sport unique 3D pixel visuals.

We at 8 Bit Forward are delighted to be able to give away 10 copies of Tappingo 2, for North American 3DS systems! In order to be eligible to win, you must have an account on 8 Bit Forward and give one complement towards Goodbye Galaxy Games, since Hugo Smits says that just hearing one person praise their games gives him a renewed energy to make more games! You might get a free game, he finds the strength needed to make games, everybody's happy!

Goodbye Galaxy Games are developers who keep delivering stellar titles, and you don't want to miss what they do next- so be sure to follow them on Twitter, check out their blog or subscribe to their Youtube Channel. Be sure to drop Hugo Smits a message if you've enjoyed his games in the past as well!
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Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7 :: Comments

I'd love to try out a game by Goodbye Galaxy... I've been interested in their work ever since seeing the koala mascot for Ace Mathician. <3
It looks very interesting. Haven't heard of goodbyegalaxygames before but it looks nice, so count me in.
Goodbye Galaxy Games has a very good track record, can't wait to hopefully try out one of their games!
Re: Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7
Post on Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:59 pm by Impala
I love all of the Nintendo puzzles in Tappingo!

Good Luck to everyone, hope all of the codes are given away!
I really love Tappingo and i really like to play the second. I readed that have many indie and Nintendo puzzles
Re: Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7
Post on Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:14 pm by Dash
Goodbye Galaxy has always intrigued me with their creative games, and I'd love to try one. The game looks like one that would genuinely interest me and keep me playing until it's done.
Wow, i have never heard of these besides Flipper. They sound interesting though. Good job Goodbye Galaxy Games!
Hello & thanks. ;)
Post on Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:16 am by GamerDad609
Hi all! I'm new here, just heard of 8 Bit Forward and the awesome work they do for indie devs. Please sign me up for the giveaway. I will make sure to post a review and give shout outs to all involved. Btw, these games by GGG look fantastic and super fun, hence my interest in playing them. Great work Hugo! Thanks!
We still need at least two entrants before we can declare winners!
The only game I've heard from GGG is Ace Mathician. I heard really good things about it too.
Re: Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7
Post on Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:39 pm by tyty7894
Once again, excellent article. While I haven't heard of Goodbye Galaxy Games before, I am impressed by what I have read. Definitely will pay attention to this developer more in the future.
Never played a game made by GGG before, despite hearing about them quite a lot. I'd really like to try one~
Congratulations to the 10 winners of Tappingo 2 for NA codes!
If you won, you'll find a PM with one North American Tappingo 2 download code in it. Be sure to thank Goodbye Galaxy Games for generously providing the games! Smile

(We are currently distributing the codes, so they might not be in your inbox yet.)

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 7

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