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 E3 2014: Project Giant Robot and Project Guard revealed by Miyamoto

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PostE3 2014: Project Giant Robot and Project Guard revealed by Miyamoto

Miyamoto Goes for a Hat Trick at E3

Shiergu Miyamoto is no stranger to the world of videogaming or creating new IP's for Nintendo. After Pikmin, Wii Music, and hearing of Miyamoto's ideas for a Mother-in-Law game, nothing the legendary game designer does should surprise gamers anymore. Yet it still does.

After dropping the Star Fox Smart Bomb, Miyamoto reveals Project Giant Robot and Project Guard. All of the projects focus on the Wii U Gamepad, but the latter two rely on it in an entirely different way than the Gyro aiming found in Star Fox.

Project Guard is a simple prison base defense game that is twelve times more complicated than most base defense games. The TV displays your twelve laser mounted security cameras which can be moved around your base both prebattle and during battle. These cameras are not autofire cameras, and an extra set of eyes or two will come in handy as even the most grizzled multitaskers will be challenged by watching twelve live feeds at once. This game wouldn't be much of a challenge if there wasn't anything trying to break inside your base, and Nintendo doesn't like to disappoint fans. There are several robots attacking the prison, along with birds that will steal your cameras. Its worth nothing that these robots bare a resemblance to R.O.B., who was last seen in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Project Giant Robot doesn't deviate far from its name; giant robots battle each other, each with the same goal in mind of pushing the others down. Gamers must maintain the balance of their robot by moving the Gamepad, and attack the other robots at the same time. Most of the Nintendo representatives showing off the game could only get up to level 2 or 3 before being defeated. This might imply that the Big N didn't prepare for demo'ing Project Giant Robot as much as other E3 demos or the difficulty could be too hard.

The robots can also be customized to be top heavy, have freakishly long arms, extremely huge feet, etc. This adds to the challenge of maintaining the robots balance, and adds in new playstyles as well. Do you choose to carefully craft a well balanced all around robot or just pick one that is so unbalanced that you will have a hard time not ko'ing yourself?

Nintendo also found an amazing way to lighten up E3, trumping the previous Battle of the Expo, Reggie versus Iwata: Miyamoto's Giant TreninBot versus Reggie Fis-A-Mech. Place your bets then watch the video below!
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E3 2014: Project Giant Robot and Project Guard revealed by Miyamoto :: Comments

Project Guard looks like a really innovative use for the gamepad, I hope I get to play it!

E3 2014: Project Giant Robot and Project Guard revealed by Miyamoto

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