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 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway

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Professor Clayton
Professor Clayton

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Post8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway

We're giving away a $10 eShop Card

We did it! 8 Bit Forward has hit a total of 100 Followers on Twitter, a total of 25,000 pageviews, and over 1200 posts! We can only thank our users for making this possible, so we'd like to give a little bit back for your support!

We will be giving away our first prize we've ever had, a $10 eShop card for a USA system! This is a huge milestone for us, payed for entirely by the staff running this site. To enter the raffle, simply join 8 Bit Forward (if you haven't already) and post on this article your answer to this question:

What is your most memorable gaming moment with Nintendo?

A winner will be picked at random on Friday at 3 PM EST. All entries must be in before 2:30 EST tomorrow.
Please remember the code will only work on a 3DS or Wii U system from the United States only. The winner will be notified via PM on 8 Bit Forward.

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8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway :: Comments

Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:35 pm by NoUsernameHere
"What is your most memorable gaming moment with Nintendo?"

My most memorable Nintendo gaming moment was when I was 6 and played SSBM on a GameCube. It was my first ever Nintendo game, and I really felt good playing it. The first character I played as was Pikachu. That moment felt so magical, and to this day it's still my favorite gaming moment ever. <3

Good luck to everyone who enters~ :3
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:04 pm by Undead_terror
What is my most memorable moment with Nintendo you ask?, all of it!

With all the Nintendo systems coming out and all the great games coming out as well during my undead life, there were so many games I played hours on end, a true addiction you may say, I had the legend of Zelda series (Majora's mask being my most favorite), we had Smash bros, Super Mario, etc, we can't forget that there is also 3rd party games that will stay alive and welcomed with us, Golden eye 007, Mischief Makers, Contra, etc etc the list don't stop!.

Not all memories have to be positive, we had bad games and we had fights with friends during co-op! many friendships broke by Mario Party (thanks Nintendo....) but we can't forget that my site and your site was made by gaming friends! we all enjoy Nintendo and play/talk with each other with the latest news and gameplay, we even talk about Club Nintendo which we can all benefit from, I truely say that we got lucky meeting up with each other. Nintendo won't die any soon and more gaming memories will be made!
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:15 pm by 3DSfan134
My most memorable moment with Nintendo was when I gotten a 3DS in 2012 so that I can play MK7 with a couple of friends, even New Super Mario Bros 2., AC:NL and Pokemon X and Y. On my birthday, I've gotten a Wii U and started to play MK8. And with the free game promotion a extra game called Wind Waker HD was given to me.

Still I'm playing MK8 and Wind Waker HD to this day. <3 all of those games~
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Thu Aug 07, 2014 9:20 pm by Noob_The_Third
I don't have a most memorable gaming moment with Nintendo, but if I win this eShop card then that will be it.
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:29 pm by DiscoDriver43
My favorite gaming moment with Nintendo is possibly Super Smash Bros Brawl at a friends house in 2009. Oh man. We played that game all night long. He liked to play with Captain Falcon, while i played as Luigi. And i kept on beating him at the game. Then we did the Subspace emissary together, though we really got halfway through.
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:29 pm by RickyBamBam
My favorite memorable Nintendo moment? It'd be cliche to say it means the world to me but indeed it does. I've been introduced to donkey kong since the Super Nintendo days. I'll never forget playing with my father, since this was my very first video game ever. The laughs we shared trying to pass the mine cart level. I was too scared of the random crocs thrown at me, so I never could beat the level. It was too complex for a kid my age! Many years later, I overcame my fear of those crocs and smashed them all, and eventually beat the game. (A little too long though! XD) I feel Nintendo wants us to experience what it means to struggle and wants us to start practicing patience. Through which you earn determination to overcome any obstacle in your path. Listening to any snes Donkey Kong tracks gives me goosebumps and pure electrifying nostalgia. Yep, Nintendo and Donkey Kong are more than two cool cats, they are role-models! =D
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:50 pm by Dash
My favorite Nintendo video gaming moment... That's easy. Truly, it's one if the most memorable moments of my life. I remember playing Kid Icarus: Uprising at some point in spring and fall of 2012, and playing it online with Knuckles and Clayton and the gang, and just remembering how much fun I had whether I won or lost, and it was just a blast.
Ideal Hero
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:26 pm by Ideal Hero
One of my most memorable moments was when I first played the Legend of Zelda: A Link tot the Past. I was very inexperienced with games at the time and had really no idea of what I was doing. I was wandering Hyrule cutting grass, when I came across a lone tuft. I dutifully cut the grass, but was surprised to find that there was a hole beneath it. I quickly jumped down, and was amazed to find a fairy in the cave. It was a cool little moment that got me enamored with the adventures video games could allow me to experience.
Cap'n Pancakes
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:37 pm by Cap'n Pancakes
My most memorable Nintendo moment is playing Super Mario Galaxy with a friend for the first time. The sense of awe and amazement I had still has yet to be matched to this day. Truly it was one of the defining moments in my gaming history, and it really got me more into gaming in general.
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:19 am by RandomGeekLord
My favorite memories of Nintendo are with friends. Whether is be getting rare and shiny Pokemon as birthday presents, Falcon Punching my way to victory in Smash Bros, or even buying retro games like F-Zero, friends make make all of these experiences memorable.
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:33 am by SomeBitTripFan
My most memorable gaming moment with Nintendo... thanks a lot...

It'd probably have to be beating The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I was lucky enough to grow up with an SNES and of the rather small selection of games I had for it--those games being Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario All-stars, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and The Chessmaster (no one but my dad ever played that game though)-- A Link to the Past was by far my favorite (run on sentence much Razz). Many hurdles prevented me from completing A Link to the Past, the first being the fact that my dad forbid me from playing the game due to "religious symbolism" in the game (I still think it was the fact that there was a witch in the game, since he made me stop playing the game as soon as he saw that). After a few years, my sister and I were able to find the cartridge and continue playing, picking up the adventure from the save file "ERIC?", a file which we only assumed my oldest sister had started, although it may have been from previous owners of the cart (I assume that my oldest sister bought used games, as every cart has a shiny sticker mentioning what I assume was a used games retailer) but save file origins aside, it was the furthest along save file that we had. My sister and I eventually managed to find and beat the dungeon with Blind (we had no walkthrough to rely on) and eventually found the way to enter the Ice Temple, which we became stuck on. We had tried pulling the Monkey's Tongue in the room where you do so, but it had never worked, so we hit another wall. My oldest sister's boyfriend, Justin, was also a Zelda fan and when he learned I was stuck in the Ice Temple, wrote a walkthrough, drawing out each room and providing a detailed, step by step process for beating the dungeon. He had given me all the info I needed when I saw that it was possible to pull the Monkey's Tongue though, but I gladly used the walkthrough to finish the dungeon anyway. I then blazed through the last dungeons (still without a walkthrough) and felt immense joy at finally getting the chance to enter "The Flashing Tower" as I called it at the time. I then spent multiple attempts trying to kill Ganon and after extensive perseverance, won. Entering the Triforce Chamber was an almost dreamlike experience, I couldn't believe I had won. My sister had helped along the way (it was a joint effort), but I had handled most of the dungeons and boss fights. The victory felt as if it belonged to me far more. I can't recall the exact number of deaths and loads that the SNES cartridge recorded on the file (it was over 400) but that number was a testament to my childhood perseverance (and tomfoolery) in guiding Link, or perhaps "ERIC?" to his destiny, defeating Ganon. My whole journey through A Link to the Past, hijacking some ancient save file named "ERIC?", visiting the fairies all to often for my sister, questing through already completed dungeons simply because I hadn't ever seen them, getting stuck, running in circles, but eventually reaching the final destination and completing the quest I had aspired to since I can even remember is what makes A Link to the Past such a fantastic game to me. It was my own quest. I wasn't rushing to the end. I was running around, stumbling upon secrets and dungeons, then stumbling upon a solution to said dungeon and then being sent off to go stumble on something else made it so that the game was a slow process of discovery, but I always found something new and kept searching. I'll just close now, sorry for whoever has to read this rapidly typed nostalgia-nonsense, but hopefully someone can enjoy this.
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 1:20 am by Knuckles
Strangely, my favorite memories of Nintendo all involve multiplayer, sort of ironic considering how Nintendo and online multiplayer don't mix.

My first experience in Smash Bros and I'll never forget being thrown into a match with a Wiimote and Nunchuk, without being told how to fight, or having really used a Wiimote before that. The first match I won was on Pictochat, and I won out of sheer luck surviving to a 1-1 match, then successfully edgeguarded my way to victory slashing the edge everytime my opponet jumped back.
Ironically enough, I was the worst out of the group of fighters and am now the best out of them.

The best memories have to be the countless online matches I've had in Kid Icarus Uprising, those were some of the best gaming hours of my gaming career.
I could go on for hours, or make a joke about Sonic games on Nintendo consoles, but I hope this will suffice.
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 5:23 am by Mayorice
I'm mainly a Playstation gamer so I don't have much for this, but my most memorable gaming moment with Nintendo would probably be just playing local multiplayer with my friends in games like Goldeneye, NFL Blitz, Mario Kart and harassing people with Ness in SSB. Good times. Smile
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:12 am by Justice
Count me out here. I'm sure someone else wants it more than I do. Wink
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 9:50 am by Saikuto
My favorite nintendo memory would have to be on the Christmas of 2005. I always wanted a gaming console for myself. I was only 6 so I didn't know really any other gaming console name other than Nintendo. When I was younger I would play on the old SNES that we had. Now thinking about it playing a SNES in 2000's was weird. All I knew was i wannted something Nintendo.For that Christmas I ended up getting a GBA and pokemon sapphire. I fell in love instantly! I would play it so much i would ended up restarting once I beated the game.I got other games on it but i just loved pokemon and still do to this day. I still have the GBA and pokemon game today and after hearing remakes of Sapphire I'm pretty hyped.
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:24 am by bezerker99
In 1987 I was ten years old (yep, showing my age here) and I had just gotten a Nintendo Entertainment System for my birthday just a few months prior (the NES had not been out in North America a full year yet at this point).  It was Friday and school was over for the day.  Mom and I went to Roses Department Store in town.  She had some shopping to do (and Friday's were the day shopping was done in our household!) and I was just there along for the ride.  

As mom walked up and down the haphazard aisles looking for the best sales, I wandered off towards the electronics section.  Lo' and behold, as I approached that area there was a TV with an NES hooked up to it.  A new game that had just been released called "Pro Wrestling" was what was being played.  And by being played, I mean there was a kid with the controller in his hand playing the game and about a dozen or so other kids surrounding him, watching with excitement over his shoulder.  I joined the crowd and watched with the same amazement everyone else had.  

Time went by.  Not sure how long.  I never did get a chance to play the game.  Eventually, a security guard came over to me and grabbed my by the upper arm.  Said my mom was frantically looking for me and couldn't find me anywhere.  Apparently my name had been announced several times over the intercom speaker in the store but I never heard that at all.  I had been in a trance for the last 40 minutes or so watching this new game.  

Best believe that as soon as my mom calmed down from looking for me, I began my best to try and persuade her to buy me a new video game.  I didn't get the game that day but a few weeks later I had my very own copy of "Pro Wrestling"!  

I still cherish it today as it's still in my Nintendo cartridge collection - safe and sound from any harmful element.  I wish Nintendo would release the game on it's Virtual Console service but I've sort of given up on that ever happening.  

Here's to great Nintendo childhood memories~!!!  Smile

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Professor Clayton
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:32 pm by Professor Clayton
The time for entries is over! Good luck to everyone, and thanks for sharing your memories with us. Smile

A winner will be randomly selected, and announced shortly. They will recieve a PM on this site with their eShop code in it for them to use.

Best of luck to all!
Professor Clayton
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:36 pm by Professor Clayton
Congratulations to the winner, chosen by a random draw, Ideal Hero! Check your PM inbox for your download code. Thanks to everyone for entering! Smile
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:48 pm by Knuckles
I demand a recount!
Kidding, congrats Ideal. Don't spend it all in one place
Ideal Hero
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:53 pm by Ideal Hero
Woohoo! Thanks 8-Bit Forward! I do believe that I will get Shovel Knight with this prize. Now, should I get it on 3DS or Wii U?
Professor Clayton
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 3:10 pm by Professor Clayton
I reccomend the Wii U version, simply so that you can play the Multiplayer battle mode when it is released as free DLC later on.Wink
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 5:06 pm by Mayorice
Congrats Ideal Hero!
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 9:21 pm by 3DSfan134
Congrats Ideal!
Re: 8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway
Post Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:22 pm by NoUsernameHere
Hey, no fair!

Seriously though...
8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway Lucas_Congratulations_Screen_All-Star_Brawl

8 Bit Forward eShop Card Giveaway

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