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 Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 2

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Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 2 Empty
PostIndie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 2

Drinkbox Studios

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 2 Dblogo10

In our most recent series of articles, we're spotlighting Indie Developers who we feel are the best ones to be found on Nintendo's eShop. We started off with Fuzzy Wuzzy Games, developers of Armillo for Wii U, and today we'll focus on another developer who is fairly new to the eShop scene.

Drinkbox Studios formed in Toronto, Canada around 6 years ago, with most members coming directly from the recently disbanded Pseudo Interactive. Over the first few years of their existence, the company worked primarily on Tales from Space: About a Blob and Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, neither of which were able to see a Nintendo release. Their dedication shone through though, as the company had to develop games for outside parties in order to even fund the creation of their own games! Thankfully, their preserverence paid off, and the Blob games both received a fantastic reception, leaving players wanting more of the fantastic art styles, and showcasing Drinkbox's talent to the world.

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 2 Mutant10

Once these games were successful, Drinkbox was able to move on to more varied releases, which could target more platforms than before. Guacamelee! came out in the early half of 2013, but is still seeing release across more platforms using their proprietary in-house developed tool to build the game.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition finally came to the Wii U in July 2014, and recieved the same level of praise as it did in its previous iterations. In the game, you control a Luchador who progresses through a Mexican themed Metroidavania in order to save the day; it might be confusing but it is one of the best games to hit the eShop, and even the Wii U in general, as we stated in our review earlier this year.

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 2 Guac_screens_A

The Wii U version of Guacamelee! really shows off the graphical prowess of Drinkbox Studios, and stands as the definitive version of the game to date. Drinkbox clearly is a winning development studio who has a bright future ahead of them, and we cannot wait to see how their next game, Severed, turns out. It looks to be a beautiful game, inspired by Fruit Ninja, but with a unique twist. It'll head to some mobile platforms, but Wii U seems to be a prime option for the team as well. To keep up with all of their adventures, and the future of Severed, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Now its your chance to win a NA copy of Guacamelee! STCE for yourself! You can enter our giveaway by answering this simple question in our comment section: What feature of Guacamelee! STCE excites you the most? We'll randomly choose a winner soon, in the meantime you should check out Drinkbox Studio's website and follow them on social media- they're one team you want to keep up to date with!
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Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 2 :: Comments

Re: Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 2
Post on Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:32 am by df2506

I'd say that the unlockables sound like the most exciting feature of Guacamelee! Getting new costumes, powerups, etc. Definitely looks like a lot of fun.
True Hero
I'm really intrigued by the game's unique art style and the clever references. Plus, who doesn't like a good Metroidvania?
Ideal Hero
I'm interested by the game's quality and humorous references to other games. Plus, this is the definitive version!
I'm excited about the locations and visting them which are based off of Mexico in Guacamelee STCE. And this was also based off on Mexican culture and folktale.
Re: Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 2
Post on Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:34 am by Garou
Multiplayer and the awesome INTENSO combat looks so fun! Love the characters and the art style!
Re: Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 2
Post on Tue Oct 14, 2014 7:24 pm by Zelda
Having to switch between the dark and light world adds a nice touch of strategy and puzzle solving. Also love the action crazy baddies.
I loved the original and would love to play the new levels. Also, it would be great to play the game on a controller. There's a degree of keyboard kung-fu involved in playing the PC version.
Congratulations to 3DSfan134 for winning Guacamelee! STCE! We'll PM you the code shortly.
Be sure to follow Drinkbox Studios on social media everyone, and thank them for agreeing to this giveaway! Smile

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 2

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