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 Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 5

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PostIndie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 5

Rain Games

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 5 AWdXaBJ

We have shined a pixelated spotlight on the developers of eShop hits such as Armillo, Guacamelee, Stick it to the Man, and many of RCMADIAX's games, and have more to come. Today's Indie Spotlight Giveaway choice doesn't need us to shine a light on them, Rain Games' hit Teslagrad does it for them. This electrifying Metriodvainia game took an extra ten months getting to the Wii U after its PC release. Teslagrad is acclaimed all across the board, and we rather enjoyed it in our review, and Rain Games hopes that lightning will strike twice, perhaps even three times.

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 5 BSAX9oQ

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Rain Games stated that they intend to have a slew of sequels in the same world as Teslagrad. Here's the quote:

NL: So you’re planning to turn this(Teslagrad) into a series?

Magnus Holm: Yes. I’ll tell you a bit more about that This is part of the Chroma series. Chroma is like Europe, but Teslagrad is the main capital of Elektropia, which is like Norway to Russia, like the technological / electrical sciences area. England is like Angloria, which is about biomechanics and then you have other areas (like France) that are the great mechanical parts of the world.

Originally we made a game called Minute Mayhem, which was like a top-down arcade battle Olympics, where all the nations took part because it was marginally safer than war. So they’d have champions to duel instead, like a half-comedy battle game. So Teslagrad is a bit more serious to that extent, but it’s in the same universe, there are comedic aspects to the game as well, with a comic art style.

Marte Haugsbø: So Teslagrad is a small part of the universe, there are four nations and Elektropia is just one of them. So this sets the tone and introduces the Universe and we can then expand on that. We have all these four nations all worked out, so we can build on this idea. Now we’ve shown you Teslagrad so, hey, let’s show you Angloria or let’s show you Motorland, let’s build on it.

So we have this whole Universe which is one of our strengths, I think, because a lot of Indie games will release one title then do something completely different, but we have a whole Universe that we want to tell you guys about.

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 5 Q2FbiIy

One might ask why the focus on Europe as the location of the games, and it has a rather simple answer. Rain Games are a Norwegian based studio. This team of  ten members was formed back in 2010, and have a very unique policy as to being an owner of the studio. The policy is that if you are an employee of Rain Games, you are an offered a chance to be a co-owner.

We've done this part a few times before, but to those who are just joining in this series, we hold a random drawing from the comment section below. In order to be eligible, you must post a comment in the section below, giving us one reason why you want a copy of Teslagrad on Steam.

Be sure to follow Rain Games on Twitter and Facebook in order to stay up to date on more info as it comes!
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Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 5 :: Comments

Nice article on Rain Games! Very Happy

I'd enter, but I'll be buying the Wii U version soon enough. Smile
Re: Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 5
Post on Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:06 pm by Dash
Teslagrad is an amazing game, truly. It's worth getting a Steam account just to play this fabulous game for free. EVeryone, enter, naow.
I want Teslagrad because I heard it was good.

Becuz i lick videogamez
Re: Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 5
Post on Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:20 pm by Knuckles
@TYT Thats good
@Groosefather I'm no one to judge but lick videogames? How do hack n' slash's taste? What about games that are about electricity?
Re: Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 5
Post on Tue Nov 11, 2014 3:57 am by Slyfox
I'd love to get the game.
This one was in my wishlist for a while and I enjoy platformer/puzzle games.
I quite like the handcrafted art style and the steampunk like world seems very interesting to explore.
I want to win Teslagrad so I can stream the heck out of it for Video Games and the Bible Wink

Seems like a really unique, family-friendly game!
I'd like to win Teslagrad because I played the demo some time ago and really enjoyed it! The art and atmosphere are great, and it's actually quite experimental. I was interested in seeing where it went next, but unfortunately, I thought I would never have the opportunity to play it. This, however, changes that!
I want to win Teslagrad because i'm don't know much about indie games and this might change it.
We'll announce the winner around 8 pm EST tomorrow- people can still enter the giveaway up to that point. Smile
I want to win Teslagrad because I need a Steam game that I'll actually play, as opposed to another few lame games to add to my pre-existing backlog. :3
I heard it was good, so I want it. I also wanna cripple my Backloggery. Also, free things HAVE to be good~
Ideal Hero
I've heard excellent things about Teslagrad, and was already considering buying it at some time. If this goes well, I and my wallet will be very appreciative.
Congratulations to Tricoloryoshi for randomly winning the Steam copy of Teslagrad! We'll PM you the code shortly, and be sure to enjoy! Smile

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 5

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