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 Synopsis: Sonic Boom (TV Series)

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PostSynopsis: Sonic Boom (TV Series)

A Booming Success

Synopsis: Sonic Boom (TV Series) SYfM1v9

To say Sega wasn't counting on Sonic Boom this holiday season is to say Nintendo isn't counting on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to shift millions of units. With two upcoming video games, Archie Comics running Sonic Boom comics, action figures and the new TV show, the Sega's investors and higher ups are hoping that this gamble with the Sonic brand will pay off. After watching the first two episodes, it is safe to say that Sonic Boom is blasting through with sonic speed.

Synopsis: Sonic Boom (TV Series) N69vp3t

Starting off with a joke insulting Dr. Eggman shocked me, by calling Dr. Eggman Egghead and Eggface, the writers of Sonic Boom immediately made a great first impression. Fans of the original cartoons will remember Sonic ever so politely calling the dear Dr. Robotnik, Robuttnik, and just with one simple joke the writers have kids laughing, and longtime Sonic fans grinning, and maybe feeling a bit old too. The cast to Sonic Boom consists of the Blue Blur himself, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Dr. Robutt- er,  we mean Dr. Eggman, his two lackeys Orbot and Cubot from 2010's Sonic Colors, and newcomer to the Sonic series, Sticks, a raccoon who happens to look very similar to Marine from Sonic Rush Adventure, and you'd be forgiven for mistaking the two on first glance. This is the first time fans really get to see Sticks, however see needs more screentime in order to form a proper opinion about her. Initial impressions show her as a young, hyperactive character who might be paranoid, and possibly grew up away from society, which will definitively be touched on in the upcoming video games. It is also worth noting that every current voice actor in the Sonic franchise whose character appears in the show is reprising their roles, and they do an outstanding performance.

Synopsis: Sonic Boom (TV Series) 7C9uzIB

Every episode of Sonic Boom contains two eleven minute episodes, which pack a surprising amount of content inside into almost no time at all .The plot doesn't feel rushed, neither does it feel brief.  If the first two episodes are anything to judge by, Sonic Boom will be relying on the tried and true plots, such as when Tails gets injured in Episode 1 and Sonic overreacts trying to keep him safe, or Episode 2, when Dr. Eggman has to stay at Sonic's house because his fortress was ruined in a terrible storm. While the plots aren't completely original, they are fun to watch, and an easy recommendation for families. Unlike the earlier Sonic television shows that have since ended, this show doesn't cross the line with humor either, nor is it truly cringe worthy. The writers to Sonic Boom have done an excellent job with dialogue, clever puns, and smaller nods to older fans. We have complemented the writers several times in this article, and they are worth of praise. Sega should really consider having the dialogue writers do the dialogue for the next mainstream Sonic game, after Lost World, an actual hedgehog might do better than the current ones.

Synopsis: Sonic Boom (TV Series) 8y0ISCL

As we stated earlier, Sonic Boom is on its way to success. Assuming the remainder of the first season of episodes contains the same spirit and level of quality as the debut episode, Sonic Boom might as well be considered Super Sonic Golden. Sonic Boom on both Wii U and 3DS will both do well this holiday season with parents buying the game on the brand name alone.

The days of Sonic making wisecracks at Robuttnik are a thing of the past, but Sonic making fun of Egghead every Saturday morning has just begun. For those with Satellite TV, tune into Cartoon Network, or watch the first two episodes on youtube, which are embedded below.
Sonic Boom Episode 1 - Sidekick:

Sonic Boom - Episode 2: Can An Evil Genius Crash On Your Couch For A Few Days?
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Re: Synopsis: Sonic Boom (TV Series)
Post Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:56 pm by Syntrex
After what you've said, I'll have to go check it out. I've read your reviews for just about everything you've written for, and you have convinced me to buy something more than a few times! You just make everything sound so good, and they way you write everything makes you sound like a professional (which you probably are). Keep recommending games, and I'll keep buying. As for me, I gotta go watch some Sonic Boom!

Synopsis: Sonic Boom (TV Series)

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