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 Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 8

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PostIndie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 8

The Game Bakers

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 8 Th_squ11

Its been a little while since we've run an installment in this series of articles, with one spotlight this year and most coming from 2014 . We're happy to be bringing this back into 8 Bit Forward and hope that it can stay as a recurring series on the site for sometime. This particular Indie Developer is known for their expertise in game design across both Mobile and Nintendo platforms, still has unannounced releases they are working on, and they are known as The Game Bakers.

This team of game designers is based in Montpellier in France, and they're even located right above a bakery, hence the name, The Game Bakers. Despite the play on words they have truly proven themselves to craft fine games, with their popular Squids Odyssey series and Combo Crew. The latter title unfortunately hasn't seen the light of day on a Nintendo console, but was very well recieved on mobile devices. What is Combo Crew you ask? It is actually not something you'd expect- a touch control brawler complete with real time multiplayer.

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 8 Comboc10

The reception for Combo Crew was all parise, with popular website Kotaku even saying it was a definitive experience. With this title under their belt, the team turned to creating Squids Odyssey for the 3DS and Wii U, for both North America and Europe. This game might have been essentially a combined port of both Squids games from mobile, but The Game Bakers take more pride in their games than that.

First, they added new characters and more to the games in order to make the Nintendo version the best version available. They also adapted the controls for both the 3DS and Wii U, as well as including the original controls on the touchscreen. The Game Bakers even went so far as to break new ground in the eShop- at least in Europe, where owners of the Wii U or 3DS versions were treated to a free version of the game if they already owned it on one system. This was in fact the first time Cross-Buy had hit the Nintendo eShop, and is just one of the many reasons why the Game Bakers are featured today.

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 8 Th_squ10

The Game Bakers aren't content with their previous successes though, and are moving on and creating a game they call DUELS. Not much is announced about this game yet other than the fact that it will hopefully hit both PC and Consoles- the Wii U will hopefully see the next release from this up and coming company.

We will also be giving away two North American copies of Squids Odyssey, courtesy of The Game Bakers, one on the Wii U eShop and one for the 3DS eShop. If you would like to enter, post below with an answer to the question, "What feature of Squids Odyssey looks the coolest to you?" and we'll randomly choose two winners. Be sure to post which system you're entering the contest for as well- or enter for both if you have both systems.

Be sure to stay up to date with The Game Bakers by Liking their Facebook page, Following them on Twitter or checking out their website or Google Plus account. They're definitely an indie studio to keep your eyes on- they are capable of creating some truly amazing titles!
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Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 8 :: Comments

Re: Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 8
Post on Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:06 pm by Knuckles
I think that having the bragging rights of first cross buy title on the eShop is rather cool, and exclusive Nintendo Characters is pretty neat too.

Good luck to all that enter, I am only entering for the 3DS version.
The mix between strategy and RPG look pretty interesting. I was really happy when i read about the cross buy but that was only for Europe. I hope one day that work for US.

Wii U/3DS NA
I like the fact that enemies are not the only thing you have to look out for. The environment adds to the challenge. I always welcome a good challenge. I have both WiiU & 3DS, and I live in the US. Thanks for the chance! :-)
This contest end?
Re: Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 8
Post on Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:59 am by Knuckles
@akiraunreal No, it hasn't officially ended yet.
But now it has ended. I'm PM ing the winners right now, congrats to those who won!

Indie Dev of the Day and Giveaway: Day 8

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