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 Review: Titan Attacks! (3DS eShop)

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Review: Titan Attacks! (3DS eShop) 9a

Titan Attacks is a game made by Puppy Games and ported by Curve Digital. This game was inspired by the Space Invaders, Galaga, and retro arcade space shooters of the late 70s to early 80s. Beginning its life on the PC in 2006, the game was ported to the Vita, PS4, and Xbox One in May of last year. 10 months later, the game has finally arrived on the 3DS. Is Titan Attacks as timeless as Pink Floyd, or is it completely outdated like Disco?

The premise of Titan Attacks is simple. You’re one lone tank. You’re the first, last, and only kind of defense against the worst scum of the universe. The objective is to clear out all the alien invaders in a wave, which act as levels. You can shoot straight and move side to side, avoiding the bombs and lasers of the aliens and the occasional asteroid.

Review: Titan Attacks! (3DS eShop) 20a

Not getting hit long enough will activate a Multiplier. This Multiplier, after each round that you don’t get hit, increases the points and the money that you get from destroying any alien ship until it maxes out at x9. However, once you get hit, it is back to square one as the multiplier is reset.

In addition, there are a few ways of racking up more points and money. Shooting down falling space ships nets you more points. Capturing parachuting aliens instead of killing them before they hit the ground gives you extra money. Capturing aliens only requires that you touch them. However, missing an alien takes money away from you, so it is a risk vs. reward affair.

After each wave, you are taken to a shop. The money you collect can be used to purchase upgrades for your tank. This includes adding more shots, having stronger bullets, and building up better shields to survive longer. Lastly, you can buy smart bombs to clear out any wave of aliens. This gives the game a little more depth and it is fun blasting your foes with your new upgrades.

Review: Titan Attacks! (3DS eShop) 26b

There are 5 worlds, with 20 waves each. Your quest to stop the alien invasion will take you through Earth, Mars, the Moon, and finally to the alien’s home. After a few waves, there is a bonus stage where you shoot orange spaceships for points and a prize if you shoot enough. After 20 waves, you’ll encounter a boss. These bosses are nothing special, though they can be challenging.

There isn't really much to do after you defeat all 100 waves, and save the Earth. It should take a seasoned gamer 2 hours at best to see everything the game has to offer. Sure, you could re-battle the waves again with your heavily upgraded tank, but by then the game is reduced to a cakewalk with only a boss occasionally putting up a struggle. For those who value high scores, there is an online scoreboard so you can see where you rank in the world, or you can check how you compare with a friend who has bought the game as well. Those who aren’t into scores are out of luck.

The techno beat of Titan Attacks is alright. Besides this and the title screen song, which is also mediocre, it is the only music in the game. It isn’t the best music out there, but it is almost catchy and fits the retro look of the game. However, it needs to be said: The PC, PlayStation 4 and Vita versions have more songs in their soundtracks. The 3DS, while not as powerful as these systems, could surely handle the extra songs. It is unknown why Puppy Games decided to cut off a significant amount of soundtrack in the 3DS version.

Review: Titan Attacks! (3DS eShop) 15a

The graphics in the game are fun. Titan Attacks has a retro vibe to it, which fits the simplistic old school gameplay. The backgrounds could use some work though, as they are static and bland. Despite the minimalized graphics, the game still has issue with lagging here and there. A game this simple having slowdown suggests this was a rushed port.

Titan Attacks admittedly has a good old school charm and the money and upgrades give it a little bit more of a lifespan. However, the game seems to be a weak port as there is music cut, and the game has lag problems occasionally. For those who could forgive those issues and have fun setting high scores, this game is fun, but still be aware that the 3DS version lacks music found in the vita verison. Others should be wary as Titan Attacks is fun, but it doesn’t last too long and it can lag.


Review copy provided by: Curve Digital
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Review: Titan Attacks! (3DS eShop)

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