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 Review: Funk of Titans (Wii U eShop)

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PostReview: Funk of Titans (Wii U eShop)

Not So Groovy

Review: Funk of Titans (Wii U eShop) 1-102410

In a warring Greek universe, four styles of music are competing for survival, and it is up to you to claim the throne for Funk, the legendary holy music. Zeus and Aretha Franklin send you, Perseus, down to Earth to run through the world and destroy the Music Titans in ultimate dance battles. Concept-wise, Funk of Titans is something that hasn't really been seen before since it is so out there, yet the actual gameplay falls a bit flat in comparison to the outlandish plot.

Funk of Titans sends you through a gauntlet of auto-running platforming stages spread across three worlds, Rap, Pop and Rock. These locales are filled to the brim with baddies, namely in form of skeletons, and you can crush them with a single blow of your weapon. The only other control is jumping, which is fairly straightforward as well.

Review: Funk of Titans (Wii U eShop) 6-102410

Simplicity can either make or break gameplay, and in this case it certainly doesn't help. The beauty of auto-runners is that they either increase the difficulty or variety throughout, and Funk of Titans doesn't succeed much in either category. Since Perseus dies from only two hits, levels aren't ever designed to be too challenging and plateau after some time playing.

Level variety is hit and miss, the positive being that the locales change up every few levels and have some cool looking themes mixed in. Sadly the enemies are always the same, the run and jump gameplay never changes much and if it does it's usually nothing new to the genre.

What is left beneath the exterior is simply a mediocre level design, one which has some creativity, but other sections feel void of creativity. Enemies and platforms feel placed randomly to break up the monotony of simply running, and almost seem to stretch the levels out between decent platforming sections.

Review: Funk of Titans (Wii U eShop) 5-102410

Perseus still carries the game's idealistic charm, despite the level design being fairly standard, and has a variety of nice features that add to the gameplay somewhat. Fulfilling certain requirements levels him up which unlocks new weapons and masks in the store. These can be purchased with currency picked up in the levels. The weapons and hats add a nice variety to the gameplay and break it up a bit.

These additional features are fun, but difficult to enjoy during the platforming levels, which don't have the most stable framerates and suffer accordingly. The visual enhancements are more visible during boss fights, which is too bad as these are easily the worst part of the game. In an epic dance off with Musical Titans, all you do is hit A B Y X buttons as they appear on the screen. It isn't difficult or fulfilling at all, and is actually quite boring. This gameplay sucks any fun out of the pivotal moment of the game and don't add much at all, besides variety.

Funk of Titans aimed high but unfortunately couldn't quite match its gameplay to its setting. The music and gameplay are both fairly forgettable and generic for their genres, which is a true shame. While the graphics are manageable the framerate is not at times. Funk of Titans may prove that Funk is the music type of the Greek Gods, but the gameplay itself is feeling more ancient than the Gods themselves.


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Review: Funk of Titans (Wii U eShop)

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