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 Review: Epic Word Search Collection (3DS eShop)

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PostReview: Epic Word Search Collection (3DS eShop)

Much more win than fail

Review: Epic Word Search Collection (3DS eShop) 0b1fzb10

It is nearly a scientific fact that putting epic in your product nearly is a red light that your product will be bad, with the company Epic Games being the rare outliner. Lightwood Games dares to bring Epic Word Search Collection, a collection of word search puzzles. Is this game more like Gears of War, or Aaron Seltzer?

Epic Word Search’s puzzles are lined up into 5 main themes. Each theme contains 16 word puzzles. These puzzles contain words pertaining to the subject of the puzzle. For example, the movie theme will have words that have something to do with popular movies such as Top Gun, Jurassic Park, and Independence Day.

For the few people in the world who have never played word search puzzles, it is simple. In each puzzle board, there a large mess of letters. Some of the letters are arranged in a way that they could form a word. The object of the puzzle is to look for these words and cross them out by using the Stylus to make a line of said word and covering the word. Pressing A will allow you to show your progress in the boards of the theme you are on.

Review: Epic Word Search Collection (3DS eShop) Jvcudw10

The control for the game is responsive. The stylus does exactly what it does and it does it quickly. We don’t have any complaints of delays. Scrolling around is responsive as well.

The best thing about the Epic Word Collection is its content. The game has a very high amount of content in comparison to other eShop games. With 80 puzzles to do in total, and the puzzles containing around 80 to over 100 words, it is going to last awhile.

There are a few minor annoyances to be dealt with. Due to the boards being bigger than the screen, players will have to scroll around the puzzle board. By itself it isn’t bad, but it could become a little annoying to have to scroll around to a word you found, but the screen ends before the rest of the letters of said word. That being said, they aren’t big problems.

Review: Epic Word Search Collection (3DS eShop) Kitkd110

The soundtrack is alright. It is calming piano music that is does its job as background noise. Though, it is more preferable to go to simply mute it, or listen to your own preferred music for background music. The look of the game is simplistic, but it gets a pass as a word search game doesn’t need to be fancy. The opening screen is nice to look at, but don’t expect anything super flashy.

While an actual word search puzzle book is preferable, for those who want to search for words on the go, this is the perfect game. The game offers a mobile puzzle book with a lot of words to hunt for. There might be some minor annoyances with not being able to full see the whole puzzle board, and having to scroll just to cross out a word you find occasionally, but it works. Epic Word Search Collection is flashy, but where in the puzzles where it counts: it is worthy of the name epic.


Review Copy provided by: Lightwood Games
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Review: Epic Word Search Collection (3DS eShop) :: Comments

Professor Clayton
Re: Review: Epic Word Search Collection (3DS eShop)
Post Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:11 pm by Professor Clayton
Looks like a good title, might pick it up for some long car rides in the future.

Nice review!
Re: Review: Epic Word Search Collection (3DS eShop)
Post Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:53 pm by Noob_The_Third
That must take a lot of work to make a word search that is worthy of the name epic.

Review: Epic Word Search Collection (3DS eShop)

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