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Pure Chess is right

When Pure Chess was announced, it caused a large number of Nintendo fans heads to turn. This simple chess game features an online mode that would be perfect in multiplatform releases with online multiplayer, such as Call of Duty Ghosts, or Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, cross platform multiplayer. Not only does the game feature this, but the game goes all out to display beautiful graphics regardless of the version you play.

The 3DS version really comes to life with the 3D, having the same great 3D effect like earlier Nintendo releases, Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus: Uprising. The 3D really makes the chess pieces and board look realistic, and adds a life like aspect to them. The backrounds are also visually impressive if you can look away from the chess pieces to enjoy them. The music is also extremely relaxing and it is possible you might just enjoy looking into the screen, listening to the relaxing tunes.

Pure Chess also has taken steps to help newcomers learn chess, a very tool in making this game as enjoyable as possible. Unfortunately, while.the tutorial does show gamers how to play, it doesn't provide enough help to adequately teach gamers how to play the sport of the kings. And while the game does offer several challenge matches for gamers to test their skills, or polish them, they prove to be difficult for newcomers.

The single player aspect is exactly what you would expect from an arcade style racer and then a little more. You play against the AI, who's difficultly can be adjusted depending on your skill level. You can also choose the color of your chess pieces, and it is important to note that on the touch screen it is extremely difficult to see white pieces on the white squares. On more than one occasion this reviewer put a black piece right in front of a white piece because they solely looked at the touch screen to see if the space was occupied, and not the top screen.

Local Multiplayer and Download Play are both completely lacking from this game. Being able to use a second system to play pure chess seems like a missed opportunity, but a two player mode is included. Under single player settings, you can change the computer to a human opponet and allow a friend to play with you. You do have to pass the system back and forth to play, making the system back and forth. Unlike the online mode, there aren't any lengthly load times during the match.

When tested, the online mode provided some difficulties. It took several attempts to even get registered for account in Pure Chess, and the 3DS is the weakest mobile version. Unlike its free to play smartphone companions, the 3DS has to be connected to wifi to play a match, but the smartphone users could just use data. This limits where you can have your online match. Also, matches can be extremely drawn out, and there is no notifications that your opponet has moved. You will have to manually check, which is a slow, long process. There isn't even an option to just wait watching the chess board until your opponet moves. You are just booted from the room and giving a loading screen. Those loading screens can plague the game in some modes, like online, due to the wait times.

Pure Chess arrived with Day 1 DLC with packs costing $1.65 and $2.60 respectively. These packs offer more chess pieces and backrounds, but after spending $7.99 on this game, you'll ask, is the DLC worth it?

Pure chess offers a great mobile chess experience, with a online system that might convince some gamers to buy this just to experience the online mode. The challenges included are great for the dedicated chess players, but in the end, this is just chess that could be played for free on a smartphone. Whether or not this version is worth it for you depends on much you want the most polished chess game available on the the 3DS eShop on your 3DS.

Overall 6/10

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