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 The Legacy of Miiverse - Part 1

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PostThe Legacy of Miiverse - Part 1

The Legacy of Miiverse - Part 1

The Legacy of Miiverse - Part 1 Miiver10

        Miiverse launched nearly along with the Wii U, and was updated a year later to run on the 3DS as well, and has become a place for users to comment on any game they are playing. Or at least, this is what it was intended for. This series of articles coming explores the different facets of Miiverse which users have decided to take advantage of, from impressive drawings to creative posts and a chatroom aspect, Miiverse is a very diverse place to spend your time, and as it is moderated by Nintendo, a fairly safe one at that.
        In this first section, we will be exploring the 4 month old story which has risen to some internet fame, of Allan and Nicole. It is trluly difficult to explain this series as it is slightly confusing, but just by watching the videos you will see what we mean when we say it is the equivalent of a One Act Drama, Romance, Suspense and Comedy... all rolled into one. Everything  here is completely real, and shows off a rather quirky side of Miiverse. In the works of Saturo Iwata, "Please take a look." (bows)

Once part one ended, part 2 quickly came to be as well. 

Is this a fitting ending for Allen, or was nicole wrong in her actions? The world may never know...but it certainly was a fun journey to get here.

Part 1:
Part 2:

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The Legacy of Miiverse - Part 1

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