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 Turtle Tale Review (3DS eShop)

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Where's the turtle power?
Turtle Tale Review (3DS eShop) Turtle-tale-6
      Have you been waiting your whole life to squirt monkeys with a water gun? How about doing this as a turtle in a retro inspired platformer? If so, Turtle Tale from Saturnine Games may satisfy that craving. Don't be fooled by the simplistic graphics, Turtle Tale is as difficult as older NES games of years past, and even comes at a budget price.
     The game wastes no time diving into the story, which is merely a simplistic movie of fairly stagnant images. Basically, Captain O'Haire and his gang of Monkey Pirates have come in to ruin Shelldon the turtle's nap, and take over Turtle Island. Once the opening ends, a fairly insignificant story in the game, you begin at cleverly titled Beach - Part 1. You are left to your own devices to discover the control system, which is so basic you'll likely feel like you're missing something. With Y to squirt your water gun, B to jump and the circle pad to move, your options are low. This intentionally creates a game based soley on skill, as there are no power ups to be found.
Turtle Tale Review (3DS eShop) Turtle-tale-1
       As you progress through levels such as Beach and Tiki, you'll begin to notice the setbacks that being a budget title has had on Turtle Tale. The enemies are fairly bland, hardly even moving, and are all the same as previous worlds but with a color swap. The platforms range from plain yellow beaches to generic grass, and include almost no variety besides occasional falling platforms and moving ones. This may help to keep the focus on the skill, but more attention to detail is always appreciated. While the details aren't exactly mind boggling, the 3D effect makes them look decent with a wide range of different views.
       Although the water gun cannot aim up, it does have a neat projectile path rarely seen in games. Rather than shooting straight from the gun and then stopping, the water starts to drop after a few feet, anddisperses to cover a wider area. It shoots just like a water gun does in real life, and with the possibilites of shooting up, this seems like a missed opportunity. In fact, most of the game seems like a missed opportunity, since the first half is a cakewalk. For those who make it to the end, and happen to collect all 100 pieces of fruit in every level, a more challenging second quest is available. In this quest, your health decreases from 4 to 2, and there are no checkpoints found in the first playthrough.
Turtle Tale Review (3DS eShop) Turtle-tale-4
      Although it gets off to a slow start, Turtle Tale slowly crawls into a decent platformer. It may be shrouded by mediocre graphics and clueless enemies, but the simplicity makes it all the more challenging. A difficult platformer starring a turtle with a water gun may seem a bit strange, but fans of challenging platforming should consider this budget title.


Review Copy provided by Saturnine Games.
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Re: Turtle Tale Review (3DS eShop)
Post Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:43 pm by Knuckles
How did I not make a reference to TMNT with a tagline like that?

Turtle Tale Review (3DS eShop)

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