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 Review: TOSS N GO (Wii U eShop)

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PostReview: TOSS N GO (Wii U eShop)

It's A Toss Up

Review: TOSS N GO (Wii U eShop) 10xg285

TOSS N GO is the latest release by active developer RCMADIAX, who now has released half a dozen eShop games in less than a year. It is well known that with short development times comes simplistic games, however RCMADIAX's games have always been fun to play, at least for a while.

TOSS N GO follows the previous games' formula to a T, and is most comparable to the recently released SHUT THE BOX. In this one you are set up to face off against another player, be it CPU or human friend (or yourself if you're lonely), and try to reach 100 points first and emerge victorious.

You earn points by rolling up to ten dice, which have sides of green plus signs, yellow circles and red X's. Rolling a plus sided die moves it into your total points as one point, rolling a circle is neutral and warrants another roll, as does a red X. If you roll all X's your turn ends and you lose all points you rolled in that round.

As you roll a plus, it gets removed from play, leaving you less dice to roll and a higher chance of rolling all X's. If you manage to roll all ten dice as plus signs in a round, they reset and you continue on for more points every set of ten. At any point you can choose to bank your current points and end your turn, leading to some tricky decisions. You could roll a 100 in your first turn and win the game, or make it to 99 and roll a red X and lose it all.

Review: TOSS N GO (Wii U eShop) Cj47b

The strategy aspect of TOSS N GO is what makes it addicting, as it is you against another player and you need to try and get to 100 first. The only problem here is that this is all the game has to offer. Much like other RCMADIAX games you'll only find the main game, instructions and a start menu. How much you enjoy the main game is important in that it is all you have to do in the game.

TOSS N GO itself is made with very simplistic graphics, and rolling the dice is as simple as merely watching them plainly cycle through their options until they stop. The whole setup is clean and yet might come across as too simple.

Review: TOSS N GO (Wii U eShop) 2w4chsx

The music is comprised of one endless looping track in the background, but manages to fit the mood of the game very well. There are a few well fitting casino-esque sounds mixed into the upbeat track, and out of all of RCMADIAX's game's tracks this one comes out on top.

If you think the idea of rolling dice in tense situations while competing for high scores sounds like fun, go buy TOSS N GO. If you're unsure of the game due to its simplicity, it is only a dollar purchase and is sure to entertain for a little while. RCMADIAX has released another title for which it is becoming well known, whether that is a good or a bad thing is up for you to decide.

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Review: TOSS N GO (Wii U eShop)

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