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 Cube Life: Island Survival

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PostSubject: Cube Life: Island Survival   Cube Life: Island Survival EmptyMon Jan 19, 2015 9:40 am

Cypronia has decided to throw their hand into the increasing number of developers bringing a Minecraft-esque game to the eShop, but theirs looks fairly interesting when compared to others. Taken from their site, with the full story here, there are some interesting tidbits of info to be found.

Quote :
There are two main modes in the game:  Creative Mode and Survival Mode

Creative Mode:
This mode allows you to design and create constructions in a 3D generated game world like you might find in a game editor. There is no limit to your imagination. We plan to implement a feature which will allow players to post their creations and share them with friends online.

Survival mode:
In Survival Mode, you must maintain your health, explore caves, gather resources, and craft tools on an unknown island. Find food, explore and build during the day. Hide, fight, and survive as night falls on the island.

A living open-world:
Survival mode takes place on a large map with many islands. Players can swim to reach new islands or even use boats to travel. Our focus was to create a living world with wild animals on the land, lurking in caves, swimming under the water, or even flying in the sky. The easiest way to get food on an island is to hunt animals, but they can range in difficulty. You can also explore a vast under sea world, but beware of sharks, poisonous jellyfish, or even a giant octopus.

Exploring caves will offer you a taste of adventure—that is, until you meet a giant spider! Also, beware of eagles on mountain tops. Some islands are occupied by local inhabitants and you can choose to befriend them, or if you prefer, be a bad guy and steal their items, animals, and fight them—the choice is yours. During the night, it’s a good idea to hide, because zombies will appear and come after you!

There are also plamned updates over time to meet the desires of the players, which is always appreciated. To top it off it is planned for a Q2 NA and EU release.

Are you interested in this title from Cypronia?

Cube Life: Island Survival CL-CreativeMode01s

Cube Life: Island Survival CL-SurvivalMode01
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Cube Life: Island Survival
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