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Review: Thomas was Alone (Wii U eShop)
Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:10 pm by Professor Clayton
It's Lonely at the Top, Thomas

Long before there existed the concept of Thomas was Alone, Artificial Intelligence was created. What if the nonhuman beings actually had taken on life? How would they react to their surroundings? Such questions are examined, and tackled, in the expertly crafted narrative that is Thomas was Alone.

You control Thomas, and his many other comrades, in the goal of progressing through each level in order to unravel the plot of the game. Each level is narrated by Mike Bithell, who does a wonderful job of breathing …

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Review: Safari Quest (3DS eShop)
Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:33 pm by Professor Clayton
A Wild Match 3 Adventure

Match 3 puzzle games aren't likely to spring to mind when you hear the name Safari Quest, yet this is exactly what publisher Maximum Games has brought us. When you hear Match 3 puzzle games, you may remember that the eShop is loaded with variations upon variations of these diversions, and you'd be absolutely correct. Safari Quest attempts to carve its own niche in the Outback, and manages to mildly succeed.

Much like every other Match 3 game on the eShop, you spend your time swapping tiles in order to line them …

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5 Reasons Why You Need an Amiibo
Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:19 pm by Professor Clayton
All Your Amiibo are Belong to us

Amiibo have been out in stores for a short period of time already, yet all consumers aren't sure of what exactly an Amiibo does. In a recent survey we've been running with hundreds of individuals on a general gaming website, well over 60% replied that they simply didn't know what an Amiibo was. This is problematic for Nintendo. Their potential buyers are simply unaware that their largest holiday push this year even exists, which rules them out from even considering making a purchase.

In comparison, just …

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Review: SDK Paint (Wii U eShop)
Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:19 pm by Professor Clayton
Painting is fun, Right?

The process of digitally drawing a picture has been around since some of the first computers were around years ago, though it was in a simple yet fun package that users could access software such as Microsoft Paint. Over the years, the process has been taken to new levels and new platforms, with even Smartphones having fun drawing diversions available for free. Eariler the Wii U eShop was graced by Art Academy Sketchpad, a cheap yet detailed tool for budding artists to use with ease. Why then SDK Paint exists is a …

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Tournament: Kid Icarus: Uprising - Signups
Sun Nov 30, 2014 4:35 pm by Professor Clayton
We Kid You Not

After the upcoming conclusion of our Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS tournament, we've decided to launch another 1v1 tournament; this time we've chosen the 3DS hit Kid Icarus Uprising.

While the game is a few years old, it is one which is fondly remembered by many 3DS owners. It was developed mainly by Masahiro Sakurai, who also leads the Smash Bros. series development, and the comepetitive side of Smash Bros. worked its way into Kid Icarus as well once he took over.

As for the tournament, we are currently accepting signups for a friendly tournament, which will be 1 on 1 …

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Community: Finding the Best Mario Kart | Round 6
Sat Nov 29, 2014 6:11 pm by Professor Clayton
Second Half of the Semifinals

In our ongoing search to find the best Mario Kart game, as voted by our readers, we narrowed down the field to four titles in the first round of the voting. Your top four titles then moved on to the Semifinals, where we recently pit Mario Kart 64 against Mario Kart Double Dash!! In a fairly close race during Round 5, Mario Kart 64 was edged out by the Gamecube version of the karting game, and Double Dash!! moved on to the final round.

As for the second half of the Semifinals, your votes will be cast for …

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Review: Snake Den (Wii U eShop)
Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:38 pm by Professor Clayton
Snake! Snake! Snake...?

Odds are that you've played a variation of the classic game Snake in one form or another. The gameplay is well known to almost everyone, move your snake in four directions in order to grow larger by running into obstacles. While Snake Den aims to shake up the traditional Snake formula, is it enough to make a purchase worthwhile, or does this one slide right under the radar?

While Snake Den is in essence, Snake on the Wii U, Game Bytes aimed to improve on the simplicity of the original by adding a few new …

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Review: A World of Keflings (Wii U eShop)
Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:02 pm by Professor Clayton
Raise the Roof in Style

Nintendo systems have been graced by a wide variety of video game genres, from the increasingly common platformer to puzzle games and about every type of sports imagineable, but if one underrated genre was chosen from Nintendo's library it might just be the category of simulation mixed with management and expansion. Quite an odd genre, however, A World of Keflings manages to make the idea work, and joins the likes of the Pikmin series and Little King's Story near the top of the Nintendo library.

Essentially, A …

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Review: Castle Conqueror EX (3DS eShop)
Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:02 pm by Knuckles
Beginner's Blitzkrieg

Castle Conqueror may be a franchise familiar to gamers by name alone. There have been numerous entries into the series, both on the DS and 3DS platform, and it would be easy to presume these titles were sequels to each other, just an expansion pack of the original release with a new feature here, more levels there, etc. However, one would be wrong, as Castle Conqueror Revolution added several new features, Castle Conqueror Against added difficulty settings, Castle Conquerors Heroes changes the series to turn based and added several new …

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Review: Ballpoint Universe: Infinite (Wii U eShop)
Thu Nov 20, 2014 8:37 am by Professor Clayton
Looks a lot better on Paper

Ballpoint Universe: Infinite is one of the most unique games to hit the Wii U eShop yet, most noticeably in its hand drawn, completely inked art style which sets it apart from every other title on the digital platform. Another rather unique feature of the game is the slightly odd combination of Platforming and Side-Scrolling Shooting, though the penmanship on the gameplay isn't nearly as remarkable as the animated artwork itself.

Throughout Ballpoint Universe: Infinite, you'll be in control of an absolutely …

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