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 Review: Poker Dice Solitare Future (Wii U eShop)

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PostReview: Poker Dice Solitare Future (Wii U eShop)

Roll of the Dice

Review: Poker Dice Solitare Future (Wii U eShop) 630x18

Poker Dice Solitare Future (which we will refer to as PDSF from now on) dropped onto the Wii U eShop earlier this year by developer RCMADIAX, who we interviewed here. After releasing the simple yet charming BLOK DROP U, the mostly single developer studio released PDSF, another simple budget title.

Essentially, PDSF is a combination of Yahtzee and Poker, where you roll the dice in order to build up poker hands. If this sounds complicated, worry not; the game is easily accessible and the gameplay is quick to catch onto. You roll five dice (each six sided) a total of three times. After each roll, much like Yahtzee, you can choose to Hold specific dice. These dice will then be locked in and not re-rolled for subsequent turns, with the third roll locking all dice in.

Review: Poker Dice Solitare Future (Wii U eShop) 630x19

If during any of the rolls your dice match a poker hand (ranging from two of a kind to a full house and more) you can choose to cash it in for the points. The more difficult it is to roll a specific hand, the more points you recieve. An interesting feature is the use of Poker Chips when scoring, where you can have a maximum of four of the same hand per game. If you get all four of the same hand you recieve bonus points, but be careful as a turn with no matches forces you to fill in one space with a red chip, and lose points. This also forces you to lose the potential to score in one space, so placing your red chips is key to success.

PDSF's game of chance is a fun little diversion, sure to suck you in for a few plays, but it never becomes any more than a fully fledged minigame. There are no other modes or games to be found in PDSF, not even online rankings, any of which would have lengthened the game immensely. While PDSF is short, it is only one dollar, and manages to offer a fun little diversion for a time.

5.5 / 10

Review copy provided by IndieGamerChick via #GamesMatter promotion.
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Review: Poker Dice Solitare Future (Wii U eShop)

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