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 Review: Safari Quest (3DS eShop)

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PostReview: Safari Quest (3DS eShop)

A Wild Match 3 Adventure

Review: Safari Quest (3DS eShop) Safari10

Match 3 puzzle games aren't likely to spring to mind when you hear the name Safari Quest, yet this is exactly what publisher Maximum Games has brought us. When you hear Match 3 puzzle games, you may remember that the eShop is loaded with variations upon variations of these diversions, and you'd be absolutely correct. Safari Quest attempts to carve its own niche in the Outback, and manages to mildly succeed.

Much like every other Match 3 game on the eShop, you spend your time swapping tiles in order to line them up, and clear the level. By combining multiple of the same designed tiles at once, the screen clears faster and has more of a chance to cause a chain reaction of combos. The idea is simple, and allows for quick pick up and play action, a nice fit for the 3DS.

Review: Safari Quest (3DS eShop) Ctr-n-10

You're also given the option of using two other types of matches, where you can draw a winding connection of blocks to clear them, so long as they all touch in a line, or clearing a group of connected blocks- essentially a faster version of the other option. This boils down to switching between using the line and group tools, and prevents you from ever really becoming stuck in the game.

To clear levels you'll need to destroy a set number of each color block, as well as remove the grass beneath some slots. In order to clear this grass, you must make a match over that specific slot. This becomes irritating quickly, especially when grass sprouts up in the corner of a level, but nothing too unmanageable.

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One area where the game tries to make itself unique is in the addition of animal power ups along the top screen. When one is ready, hit a button and you can clear part of the map, remove some barriers in your way and more. This feels largely uninspired however, and largely goes forgotten until the later levels. If it does add anything though, you get to look into the menacing eyes of Chippy the Monkey every level.

Beyond the main game, you'll find nothing. There are 100 or so levels, and that's about it. Safari Quest is essentially a time waster in which you mindlessly clear each screen, and as such gets boring relatively quickly. Thankfully the music in the game acts as a saving grace, and the upbeat tempo manages to even excite you about a game where you clear blocks away. The soundtrack is above and beyond a purchase of this size and even perfectly fits the outback setting of the game.

If you like Match 3 puzzle games and great music, you'll likely find Safari Quest to be a worthwhile purchase. There isn't a lack of other Match 3 games to be found however, and Safari Quest is sitting right in the middle of the pack. There isn't anything the game does to stand out, and it doesn't do anything incorrectly either- in fact, Safari Quest feels very average. But with a low price point, this puzzler is worth looking into for fans of quick and simple games.

5.5 / 10

Review Copy provided by: Maximum Games
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Review: Safari Quest (3DS eShop)

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