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 Review: Best of Solitaire (3DS eShop)

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Review: Best of Solitaire (3DS eShop) Empty
PostReview: Best of Solitaire (3DS eShop)

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Review: Best of Solitaire (3DS eShop) N3ds_b10

Solitaire can be found almost anywhere, on computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, even a full deck of cards. Best of Solitaire from Cosmigo attempts to be the best option to choose from on Nintendo's 3DS eShop, competing with solitare games like Touch Solitare(DSiWare) and 3D Solitare(3DS eShop, Zen Studios). While Best of Solitaire might be a dollar or two more expensive than other Solitaire games on the eShop, this game is quite possibly the best one to pick.

As soon as you start the game, you will notice how many games there are to choose from, 101 to be precise. Understanding that no one will know how to play all of these games, there are instructions included for all 101 games. These instructions make sense, and make it possible for users to properly play and enjoy more than a handful of all the games. Save features, undo, redo and hint buttons only make this experience more complete.

Review: Best of Solitaire (3DS eShop) N3ds_b11

Best of Solitare looks fantastic, the backrounds you see while playing the card games look just as good as Pure Chess' stunning graphics. There is also a wide array of music you can listen to while playing, which can be changed at anytime. While the tunes might not be for everyone, it is possible to mute them if you so please.

Ultimately, the biggest weakness of Best of Solitaire is that solitaire is so readily available elsewhere, and for free too. If you are looking for solely a way to play Klondike, you should look into slightly cheaper options. However, if you are a card aficionado, this collection is just for you. At four dollars, this is without a doubt the best collection of solitaire games on the eShop.


Review copy provided by: Cosmigo
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Review: Best of Solitaire (3DS eShop) :: Comments

Professor Clayton
Re: Review: Best of Solitaire (3DS eShop)
Post Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:27 am by Professor Clayton
From what I've played so far, the review seems spot on. Definitely one of, if not the best solitare apps on 3DS, but at the same time solitare can be found for free a lot of other places. Nice revew~

Review: Best of Solitaire (3DS eShop)

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