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 Interview: Petite Games

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PostInterview: Petite Games

A Look Into Petite Games and Their Future on the eShop

Interview: Petite Games 0fXqr0K_kPUUBmeGr_9019ESBVmPMor2

Over the past year, Nintendo's eShop has become home to some new and truly exciting studios due to the increased interest they've shown in indie titles. One such studio to rise is Petite Games, who recently published two titles on the Wii U eShop, and has plans to keep going. We recently had the opportunity to interview Petite Games, who seems excited for the future- take a look.

8 Bit Forward: Can you introduce yourself and tell us about Petite Games?

Petite Games: My name is William. I have a degree in computer science, but I had made games before I started the university. I always loved Nintendo and when I read there is an opportunity to develop on Wii U as an indie developer I applied. The name of Petite Games is from my girlfriend.

Interview: Petite Games 630x16

Let's start with your first release, Toon Tanks. How did the idea for this game come about?

I really loved Wii Play tanks game on the original Wii and wanted to make something similar. I think the Comic artstyle adds an unique twist to the game.

How was the process of publishing your first game on the Wii U?

When I see there is an opportunity to develop on a Nintendo console, I applied. Meanwhile I was waiting for the dev kit I started working on Toon Tanks. The debug was harder in this way, but fortunately it worked. I had to do lot of paperwork first time and I was very nervous too. But finally the game was published.

Interview: Petite Games TsXvmaApAbHwMPLpOCDwF1WmRvLsVkBe

Your next release was Midnight, also on the Wii U eShop, did your experiences with Toon Tanks help in creating this title?

Of course. Second time everything is easier. Smile

We see your next announced title is Super Destronaut. What can you tell us about this title?

It's an arcade space shooter game. There are 2 single player and one multiplayer mode. The first single player mode is point based. You have to shoot as many enemy spaceships as you can with your 3 lives. The second one is time based. If you shoot a wave of enemies you will get time, but if you got hit you will lose time. The main goal is to stay alive as long as you can. The multiplayer mode is point based as well but there is a time limit. If you earn more points than your friend you win. I hope it will be available at March. 

Will there be any major differences between Super Destronaut and your previous releases?

Yes, it's a point based game and the artstyle is completly different too.

Interview: Petite Games B7k8qf10

How has working with Nintendo been for releases up to this point?

I can always ask if I have any problems. I really like to work with them and they are very friendly too.

Why would you as a developer choose Wii U as a platform over the 3DS? Would you be interested in bringing support to the handheld eShop as well?
I really want to make games on 3DS but there is no Nintendo Web Framework support on 3DS so I can't. I hope they will announce samething about NWF in GDC.

Do you have any other games coming out that you would like to talk about?

I am working on a racing game, but now I can't say more. Smile

A huge thanks for William of Petite Games for finding the time to answer our questions! If you're interested in keeping up to date with Petite Games, be sure to follow them on their official Twitter feed, or even directly ask them any questions you may have!
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Interview: Petite Games :: Comments

Re: Interview: Petite Games
Post Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:17 pm by Knuckles
I'm looking forward to William eventually making 3DS games, but Nintendo has to make NWF a reality first.
Re: Interview: Petite Games
Post Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:23 pm by Dash
Nice interview! Midnight was a great game even if a tad on the short side and I'm looking forward to more titles from Petite Games in the future Smile
Re: Interview: Petite Games
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Interview: Petite Games

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